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Benefits of Hair Clay treatment

The market for hair straightening products does not stop growing.
From time to time there are new formulas that promise to straighten without damaging the hair structure.
There are dozens of hair straightening, but one must be careful when choosing. 
One option that has been doing successfully for smooth effect and the high hydration of the wires is the
Argiltherapy Clay and amino acids by Jean De Perle Paris.
Without formaldehyde, the new formula promises to smooth, moisturize and revitalize the wires.
The new Argiltherapy Clay and amino acids JDP has been developed especially for treating damaged hair, since the intensive treatment is a reconstruction of the wires.

The treatment is performed in three steps that leave hair nourished, renewed, soft and with an incredible shine!

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Among the benefits Argiltherapy Clay and amino acids. The Hair is smoother and softer after the procedure. The hair becomes revitalized, healthy and brighter. The effect is semi-permanent. It is recommended to repeat the procedure 4 to 6 months by root growth. In most curly hair can be repeated in 3 months. Many women are looking for websites or shops where they can   this product, but it is sold exclusively by dealers of the brands that manufacture them.


The clay present in the formula has moisturizing properties and nutrients that reconstruct the entire structure of the hair, improving its elasticity and promoting softness and shine. Moreover, the clay has astringent action in the pores of the hair, Amino acid also present in the formula so this treatment has properties that aid in the best rejuvenation of the hair.


Clay has three fundamental properties









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