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Botox became famous because of its power to soften the wrinkles and stop the marks of expression, and this is what Hair Botox promises. Currently JDP Paris Bio Anti frizz Elements is the modern and advanced formula in damaged hair recovery, it is more efficient than any moisture available in the hair cosmetics market. The goal is to give Botox to hair, which lost its young look over the years: may suffer such as sun damages, wind damages, repeat of hair dryer, flat iron, dyes and other chemicals applied to the hair. With JDP Paris Bio Anti frizz Elements the hair is reform and strengthened from the inside out. This treatment seals the hair scales, and reduce hair volume. JDP Paris Bio Anti frizz Elements is a pH2 Acidic Hair Product . The pH indicates how acid or alkaline a substance is. The scale ranges: 0 to 5 Acid (0pH being a very strong acid) 5 - 14pH being a very strong alkaline. Conditioner has a slightly acid pH. Mild acid has an opposite effect to alkalis and flattens the cuticle making your hair easier to comb and look shinier. Many people believe that rinsing hair with vinegar after dyeing helps the longevity of direct dyes such as Special Effects. This is probably because it closes the cuticle helping the color stay in the cortex for longer. Using the pH to your Advantage so, we know that an alkaline will open up the cuticle and an acid will flatten it, so how can we use this to get better hair treatment?


Homemade recipe to shine in your hair:
3 egg whites
First step is to wash the hair with normal shampoo and conditioner,
then dry, removing excess water from hair. Now the wires still wet,
rinse the egg in her hair completely covering the wires.
Give clear act minimum of 15 minutes, then just rinse.
Your hair will be super bright, the result is amazing.
You can do this once every week or 15 days.
How to tell if you have healthy hair:
We've listed some signs that can help you find out if your hair is healthy or not:

- Hair breaks often become weak and have plenty of fall

- Hair becomes more elastic and rubbery

- The wires look and have become drier

- Appearance of split ends

- Dull hair

- Becomes difficult to comb hair

- Excess oil on the wires

These signs are more common than we expect, if your hair presents any of these signs it is time to seek a good professional and get your hair healthy. Healthy hair is seen from afar, you can notice the smoothness and brightness, but the hair is also possible to note mistreated by far, the wires are dry and dull, but sometimes you cannot see so clearly that the hair is not healthy. It is important to remember that the ends of hair NEED TO BE cut every three months helps to not let the hair dry